Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Marriage of a Garrett and a Green

This past weekend my wonderful sister Rachel married Peter Green. It was a spectacular ceremony at the Mill of Kintail, in Almonte. The day was warm and sunny, the trees had turned to autumnal colours, and there was just the slightest breeze. Rachel looked stunning, and Peter shudder/sighed in awe when he saw her floating down the aisle. Family and friends, both old and new, were there, and the afternoon was just about perfect. Even Nature seemed to approve, as a chipmunk scampered at the feet of the bride and groom, a grasshopper sat on the groom's shoulder, and a ladybug perused the bride's veil.

Of course, the groomsmen were profusely sweating through their suit jackets, and bridesmaids were gracefully dodging bees. Whatever, it was still perfect, and we laughed about the sweat and stings later.

Planning for the wedding, ceremony and all in between had been through by the genius of my sister Joy. She also, among other things, made two of the bridesmaid dresses, planned decorations, hosted the lingerie shower, and made the bouquets. The reception was, as Peter's auntie Elsie would say, "an absolute hoot!" The speeches were either rib cracking or heart wrenching, and all were full of love and congratulations. The band was lead by my uncle Brian, and he did an amazing job. The MC and DJ was my hilarious, favorite cousin Phil (FCP). I'm pretty sure everyone danced to at least one song, and I'm positive I was only off the dance floor for 10-15 minutes the whole night. Yes, I mashed those potatoes, started the lawn mower, and did the sprinkler. I jigged with the Newfie aunts and shook, rattled, and rolled with the cousins. I couldn't believe how well the two families came together. Family reunions will never be the same from here on in, they'll be better.

I made friends with Pete's friends and family, and by the end of the weekend I was so sad to see everyone leave. Although I know I'll see Rae, Pete, and various new family and friends again, it breaks my heart that everyone lives so far away. I know the world is now a village, but transportation is expensive, and skyping just isn't the same as chillin' in a pub over drinks

Somehow, now that Rae is married, she seems further away. It's more real to me that we may never live near one another again, and certainly not under the same roof. I guess now, with her most likely starting a family, and with new family and friends in Ft. Mac, I'll just have to make sure I visit.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goals for September

I've been following the blog of my lovely cousin Brit, and she gave me the idea of setting monthly goals. Hers are simple and wonderful, but most of all, they're achievable! So, without further ado, here are my September goals:

1. Keep my rooms room tidy. I'm pretty good at that as it is, but I could do better. Sharing a house means I have less control over the other rooms, but I will be keeping my own nice and tidy.

2. Go for a long walk at least four times every week. I don't like getting out and walking in the winter, so I should get as much walking in nice weather while I can!

3. Stretch daily. That's pretty self-explanatory.

4. Cook a meal for someone I love twice a week. This may not happen closer to Rae's wedding at the end of the month, but I'll start this weekend.

5. Paint as often as possible.

6. Write something each evening (not necessarily blogging).

Okay! I think that's a realistic list! I hope I can keep it up! Thanks again Brit!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I love them. There is something about a tree that symbolises life to me. I love trees more than flowers, grass, rainbows, and even sunsets (or sunrises). They start young and fragile, but can become these huge colossal beings; strong, but still vulnerable. They are associated with wisdom, age, and endurance, and are some of the very oldest continually living things on this earth. Some trees are thousands of years old. We use the word to describe our families, friends, and communities. We used to use the parts of trees to build our homes, furniture, and to keep us warm. They prevent erosion of soil, help moderate temperatures with their shade, and produce oxygen for us to breath. Many provide food for us to eat.

I love climbing trees, sitting in their shade, or even just touching them. I've hugged ancient trees and planted baby ones. There's nothing quite like slinging a hammock between two trees and enjoying a good book (also provided by trees).

There is something mysterious and wonderful about trees, and I want to share with you my love of them.

Here are some favorite tree pictures of mine:

A path through a beautiful grove of soft-bark trees

A beautiful tree in Scotland. I hugged this one.

What I think Bilbo's party tree really looked like

Trees shading a walking path