Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sand Dancer: Peter Donnelly

Check this out!!

New Zealander Peter Donnelly is the Sand Dancer. He rides his bicycle to the beach immediately after the tide goes out, and using only a stick, a rake, and his imagination, creates astonishingly beautiful works of art in the sand. One of the most amazing things is, since he's on the ground, he can't really see what it looks like until it's finished.

This is unbelievable.

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Here are some pictures of his work:

Here is the original Sand Dancer; Honorable Mention Tribeca Film Festival 2007 , winner of best doc Foursite Film Fest USA 2006 and several int awards. Used with permission from Valerie Reid Director and Producer



  2. Lover of seasand and seashell and senuous artistic dance of being alive....I am enhanced seeing you work your magic.

  3. Un trabajo realmente impresionante

  4. Does anyone know how I can contact Peter Donnelly?

    Mark E. Sackett

  5. he is so amazing! i wish i could see him create one of his masterpieces again..

  6. i've just left a message on peter's answer machine to see if he's got an email address for you Mark.

    Amazing artwork aye. I'm doing a mural near where he makes his artworks in the sand soon and i'm gonna include the beach scene with one of his designs in the background me thinks. He completed his 1000th the other day i hear. :)

  7. Oh and Hi Becks. I'm sure you'll find a way that suits you best (to save the world). Enjoy :) With you all the way :)

    Richard 'Popx'(pronounced 'pops')Baker
    Social ARtivist (can't talk to you on there though. Forgot my password. Feel free to find me on facebook though :)

    UK born 39 year old married man with 3 young boys. currently residing in christchurch new zealand.

    Oneness Lovingness :)

  8. Please can you upload the original film Sand Dancer ( Honorable Mention Tribeca Film Festival 2007 , winner of best doc Foursite Film Fest USA 2006 and several int awards. I never gave CBS permission to use my footage or film. In the interests of all independent filmmakers , here is the real film Sand Dancer, which has just completed a 12 month tour of the USA Valerie Reid Director and Producer Sand Dancer.

  9. Sure thing Valerie! THanks a lot! It's a great video!

  10. WOW! How did he do this work so beautiful without an aerial view?
    He does a wonderful work!

  11. I love Peters work, very free and with lots of energy. We also make sand drawings but of a more graphic and structured method which is one of the reasons I really like Peters. Inspiration.

  12. darling graceful jestor of interwoven magic! thankyou so much. I remember your murmurs as my eyes faded in the ultra-violet might/hiding in the darkness, holding hope and eating five to ten handfuls of nuts a day..oils and avacadoes..thinking of the swirls and woo. thankyou! be sure to stay positive/enjoy human nature as the shy emerged by your works and nothing more than that one, animal woop. love, michele (trahan, facebook photos) "I guess dancing is easier, but I am happy to find these works" (6-19-11-happy fathers day) PS 82 canopy is very nice fuzzy thing-Rosebowl movie-or my photo slide show...Monet spoke, bono hurt him with noise..but i tried to go back to the show again last week...danced so much forgot the band-ha!

  13. I am trying to get in touch with Peter Donnelly for a school project on famous NZ artists. I saw him complete one of his masterpieces last November, and it was incredible!!!
    I really want to do my project on him, but need more info than what I have found on the net already. Can anyone help me please?
    Jannell Eade

    Many thanks!

    1. Someone wrote an earlier comment about leaving a message for him. maybe if you e-mail that commenter, you'll be able to get some contact information for Mr. Donnelly

  14. Hi, I run a facebook group page for Peter, this is the address, please if you have Facebook, come and join the group. I f you require any help or have any thing you need to speak to peter about, leave a message on his page, and I will contact him for you...