Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a humanity lost

Although I will continue to write here, I have begun a new blog. It is about my desire to stay informed on world news and find a way to make a difference to those who are suffering at the hands of other people. What I hope is that someone will read it who knows of something I can do because I don't know where to start.

Here it is:

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  1. you already started and good for you. Just by having this blog you have and will continue to bring awareness to the masses. That's the one gift we can give as we are fortunate enough to have the means of an internet to put out information to the world as we know it, humanity is in need of much compassion, empathy and it's all very possible by anyone willing and able to bring the truths to light. And you just did. The governments of the world must come together and help the people of their countries, to educate them and work with them so all can grow into a rich society, rich of education, and have an abundance of food, medical help where ever needed and no one should not have the basics of life in this have and have not world in which we live. We have one earth that must be shared and cared for by all of us. No one is better to have more then another, they are fortunate, but doesn't make them better. Africa is a beautiful continent, with a horrible famine and death and dying of many daily and none of this needs to exist when we have the power to stop the it. The governments must give the food to the people, not store it in warehouses, and the people must be educated,and learn to respect everyone. wars must end, peace must prevail.....we have the means, why is this not happening, is it because to the greed???? the controlling fact, which will go back to the greed....enough already....Daily thousands of people die, to famine to aids to wars, help end this travesty.