Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I am ashamed at my lack of knowledge in the world and have begun reading headline world news daily, often trying to read both the headline stories as well as less-covered-but-still-important articles. Lately I have come across something that shocked me.

Alright, so I saw the movie Black Hawk Down and read the book (partly) and felt horror and sadness for the people living in Somalia, but I never did follow-up research on the country. I assumed that, since I saw the movie years after it had been made, that the unrest had most likely been solved. Or, if not solved, I assumed someone important was working on some way to help the people living there to establish peace.


I was wrong.

On my igoogle I get BBC and CBC headlines which pop up and the other say one which popped up was
UN Says Somalia Needs More Help. I read it and moved on to the next article, then the next one, the next, the next, and finally, the last one.

How is this country not receiving more attention? How can this country have been going through so much turmoil and chaos with barely a peep out of the media? Maybe I've blind and deaf; maybe I've been an ostridge with my head in the sand. I hope so because if that's the case then something has been done and I've simply not noticed. Does anyone know of some way I can help? Some way I can influence change? Anything?

I feel helpless and useless; knowing something HAS to be done but doing nothing about it myself.

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  1. Something has to be done but doing nothing about it myself..
    It seems to me like this is a common problem for a lot, or even most people. Maybe they think that their minuscule efforts have no direct influence on the situations, or perhaps they are overwhelmed by the size of the problem.
    The stories of terrible things have filtered their way through the news and have reached our ears awaiting our reaction. But if we don't react at all, I think this creates a bigger problem. Becks you posted on the internet- that's not doing nothing. But I know what you mean about feeling helpless; wanting to help in a tangible way but you are stuck in Korea, trying to get back to school..