Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Alright, here's my New Year's Resolutions list:

Learn more Korean
blog more
care more about others and their problems
stop complaining, I have nothing to complain about
eat regular meals (at least two a day)
make a lunch to take to work
eat healthier
do dishes as often as I eat
stop taking taxis unless absolutely necessary
travel more
go hiking
be more adventurous (and less lazy)
decide on a school for after Korea
be happy about turning 25
read more
listen. really listen.

alright... that's it thus far. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome video from summer camp in Korea!


  1. That's an ambitious list! Happy New Year!

    Oh, and thanks to you and Chris for the lovely message on our answering machine when we got home!

  2. decide on a school for after korea....what are you going to be doing?!!

  3. I love that your blog is called "racing the wind" - mine is "chasing after the wind" (after Ecclesiastes..)

    (Just started reading, hope you don't mind!)