Tuesday, January 13, 2009

goodbye 2008; hello 2009

Ever notice that you have a lot of pictures? They're like your diary; 1000 words for each shot; capturing the different stages and events of your life. Summer camps, jobs, camping, university, friends, travel, travel, travel. I take pictures with an obsessive compulsion to capture the moment; stop time.

Then, when I look at them again, later in life, I get sad. I miss old days, good times, and friends. My pictures record everything with both clarity and deception. I can't remember what I felt at the moment the shutter clicked, but the picture is so beautiful I imagine my life as nothing but the blissful scenes in front of me. I know my life hasn't all been peaches and rainbows, but when I look back that's all I see. I've glamorized events; no matter what, my lens seems to be rose tinted. I don't want to envy my past self, but to look forward to my uncertain future. Instead, I seem to constantly find myself mired in the sticky memories of days past.

Thus, I can't properly tell you about 2008; or even 2007 for that matter. Instead, I'll show you some of my favorite pictures. The ones that bring the most longing; the ones that draw me into the past; the ones that make my heart ache.


  1. I'm lucky. I know all of these pics well, and where and when they were taken. Good choices!

  2. That's because I spent the entirety of 2008 with you!