Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my new discovery: MidEastWeb.org

I've recently been researching the Palestinian/Israeli conflicts and trying to better understand what is going on. I stumbled across a fantastic website that I would like to share with you all. It's the MidEastWeb, which is a Non-Government Organization (NGO). It was started
by people active in Middle East dialog and peace education efforts. [Their] goal is to weave a world-wide web of Arabs, Jews and others who want to build a new Middle East based on coexistence and neighborly relations. [Their] members and staff include distinguished educators, engineers, Web designers and other professionals experienced in dialog, peace education projects and in promoting dialog and coexistence using the Internet.
There are SO many
links, articles, timelines, maps, primary source documents, and more.

According to the website, their goals are to "overcome the effects of decades of conflict, separation and hate propaganda." To do this, there needs to be "cooperation between peoples." They aim to "promote and publicize dialog, people-to-people and educational projects, and to make non-violence, tolerance and rapprochement key values in [their] societies."

After reading a LOT of the information they have available, I have decided to promote this site. My aim is NOT to try to promote one side of the conflict or the other, and I feel that this website is very good at giving solid facts, and as much as possible, avoiding bias and opinions. If any of this information interests you; if you wish you knew more about what is going on in the middle east, MidEastWeb might be a good place to start. Obviously I've not read all of the material MidEastWeb has to available. If there is incorrect information please let me know via a comment (and let the website know too), and I'll look into it.

There is also a MidEastWeb blog, which I have yet to check out. If you decide to see what it has to offer let me know what you think.

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