Monday, December 28, 2009

celebration of a decade

This is a celebration blog of the past decade. Truly it has been one to remember.

Woooowhee! So this is grades 11/12 for me. Awesome year by the way, and a great start to my blog! This was one of the years I went to Stratford ON, and except for two classes, this is also the year I finished most of highschool! Whew. I loved this year... The apex of my highschool experience.

I started working part-time and tutoring more often. I spent time with friends and just plain old enjoyed highschool! PS> I'm the one with the rifle. Of course. *wink*

I graduated highschool and started working full time to save for university. When I first started working it was 2pm-10pm, then switched to 6am-2pm, spent a summer working 10pm-6am, and then back to 6am-2pm! This is the most wealthy I have ever been at one time, with no loans, no school, no bills, and no car! It was great!

I spent TONS of time with my second family, the El Dali family. These are my younger sisters and brothers! *grin* Mariam is gonna kill me for posting this! In the fall I also started school at SSU!

Oh dear. My first years at SSU. What a time! Putting off papers, crashing laptops, late nights, crazy friends and one wild roommate. I'm amazed I'm alive! Summer of '04 is also when I first lived in Scotland for a year and met my THIRD family, the MacDonalds!

My second year of school was pretty amazing too! I spent a LOT of time with Sam and Brie. Second term was the easiest of all my terms there by far, and I spent SO much time chillin' at the local pub...

At the end of the year I travelled to Southeast Asia. The Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. I studied cultures, languages, and history. It was an amazing experience. I also had a LOT of fun!

After returning home from Asia I spent a few weeks chillin' at home and then moved back to Aberdeen and family three! I worked in the bar of the local Holiday Inn and had a blast. I rebonded with old friends and made new ones. Then, when my visa ran out, I went to Ireland for a few days!

Later that spring I met up with my classmates again and we travelled across western Europe. From campsite to campsite. Tenties forever Brie.
Then Brie, Chris, and I went to Scotland and we were all together!

oh man. my final year at SSU. Such a fantastic time. Everything from new friends, close friends, apple picking, playing in rainstorms, HALO, Hallowe'en, birthday parties, and Claire visiting from Scotland. Woo! best ever!

To me. This is the year of Korea. for 15 months I lived and breathed Korea (literally). I may have gone with friends, but I also made many, many more while I was there. I love you all my Chingus!

Wait a minute! Claire was in Korea too! Hey, you're in my life in each year from 2004-2008. Sneaky!

I also went to Vietnam this year... and got my SCUBA license!


This is the year of boredom. 4 separate jobs. Monotony and depression. It is the most difficult year of the entire decade, although it is looking up here at the end. I have started school again, made amazing new friends (are you reading this Krista?), and have a job I enjoy. I didn't have a camera for most of this year, but I'll see what I can dredge up...

While the year hasn't ended with a fantastic bang, I've still got a smile on my face. Lets be honest, it was an amazing decade. Yay new year!

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