Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I love them. There is something about a tree that symbolises life to me. I love trees more than flowers, grass, rainbows, and even sunsets (or sunrises). They start young and fragile, but can become these huge colossal beings; strong, but still vulnerable. They are associated with wisdom, age, and endurance, and are some of the very oldest continually living things on this earth. Some trees are thousands of years old. We use the word to describe our families, friends, and communities. We used to use the parts of trees to build our homes, furniture, and to keep us warm. They prevent erosion of soil, help moderate temperatures with their shade, and produce oxygen for us to breath. Many provide food for us to eat.

I love climbing trees, sitting in their shade, or even just touching them. I've hugged ancient trees and planted baby ones. There's nothing quite like slinging a hammock between two trees and enjoying a good book (also provided by trees).

There is something mysterious and wonderful about trees, and I want to share with you my love of them.

Here are some favorite tree pictures of mine:

A path through a beautiful grove of soft-bark trees

A beautiful tree in Scotland. I hugged this one.

What I think Bilbo's party tree really looked like

Trees shading a walking path

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