Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Santa

This is a clip from the letter to Santa blog of an environmentalist named "No Impact Man" that I really love and wanted to share. You can read the full blog here.
Dear Santa,
I was thinking how when I talked to a bunch of third graders a while back and I said to them, "How many of you know the feeling of really wanting something and then when your parents finally get it for you, instead of feeling excited, you feel kind of disappointed and sad?" Three-quarters of the kids raised their hands.
I was also thinking how most of my stuff has the effect of pulling me away from my friends and family--because I use it alone--when joking around and having fun with them actually is really effective at making that wanting feeling go away.
I was thinking how all this stuff that doesn't really make me happy also has the effect of hurting the planet as clouds of carbon are produced as the stuff is manufactured, delivered, used and finally disposed of. I was thinking, on top of that, how so many people get stressed out by the debt and high costs of a Christmas full of presents.


Wow. He said it and I love it. It's true; the wanting feeling never fully goes away no matter what you get for Christmas. He is also right that new things separate you from people instead of bringing you closer together (generally speaking). I am very far away from many of the people I love, so time spent with the ones here is that much more important. If I don't spend time with the ones I can, then I spend time alone. While that can be good... nobody wants to be alone for Christmas.
I guess what I'm saying is, have a Merry Christmas season guys. To those far away, I miss you. To those close by, I treasure you.

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  1. I just read that an hour ago (I read his blog too)! Liked it very much. I wonder a lot these days if almost every"thing" we own or want is a sub for a person or memory we have...