Monday, November 19, 2007

routine and the night bazaah

It's strange because every weekday I get up, hand out online, talk to friends, sometimes do a little yoga, and go to work. Then in the evening I come home, go online and then go to bed. Sometimes it's almost like Korea is really similar to home! I used to do the same thing when I worked in Scotland too (except then I worked longer hours and didn't have weekends off). My life has become routine and lethargic. I see the same people every day and do the same thing. Sometimes the conversation differs, but not always. My consolation is that weekends are always different and fun. Like this past weekend!

Anyone who has been to Malaysia (as I did with SSU), especially KL, most likely remembers one thing beyond the amazing architecture that sets it apart...

the "Night Bazaah!"

Anyway, I'm not in Malaysia, and there isn't a "night bazaah" here in Korea (that I know of), but there is an awesome market that totally reminds me of one! Sure it's much colder and daylight... and the wrong country. That's ok though, the Nampo market here is SO much fun! Chris and I went this weekend and walking through all the shops and stalls I was brought back in memory to bartering with Ben and Miah ... and Amber playing air guitar with a street musician while we all had beers and snacks. Great memories. The market here is huge, and you can get nearly everything you could want, as long as you're willing to walk around in the chilly weather and look for it. There's food vendors, restaurants, hand-made pottery, trinkets, clothes (both new and not-as-new), weapons, wood-burning, statues, shoes, well. You get the picture!

So... excitement on weekends and drab rut on weekdays. Sometimes I feel like my week days are a waste of time (except that it's getting me money to pay off loans). A waste of life. Work is fun, but routine and ... usually the same. I follow a curriculum that repeats every weak, just with a higher level of difficulty every Monday. What to do... what to do.

I love when I get to see Chris and everyone on weekends!
During the week... I'm BORED!

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  1. I hear that boredom.. To combat it I usually try to read, or listen to books online, maybe go to Komdo (Korean style of sword fighting), but it is a battle to keep busy. That waste of time comment is scary and true. What if we all end up living for the weekend? What if five days out of our week are spend waiting for them to end? That's a lot of life wasted, and I want to move from that.