Sunday, November 4, 2007

Friends in Korea

Jessie and Justin are in South Korea!


Chris and I got to hang out with these two a bit this weekend, and despite the fact that we're both sick with bad colds, I had an awesome time. We hung out in Busan a bit on Friday night and then Chris and I went to Gimhae (where they live) and hung out with them there. Those two are SUCH great hosts! They pulled out Sangria, wine, soju (voldka-like Korean alcohol), crackers, tuna, cheese (very expensive here), and bread sticks. Visiting them showed me just how rusty my host skills have become! We went out for dinner and saw a bit of the city too. It was awesome to see them. Really nice. I think we'll end up trying to hang out every weekend or so, for at least a day. Especially while the weather is so nice (a little chilly for my tastes, but I'm not going to really complain. I've also figured out most of my Christmas presents for my family and even have gotten a few! Woo hoo!

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  1. Becky, that is so wonderful!! And they're both such nice people, I think. How are they doing?