Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekend!

Oi yoi I'm tired.

This past week has been hectic to the extreme and yet also really, really great. Chris' birthday was Saturday so we decided to throw a burger party! Ashley came over early to help out with food (and colour my hair) and then Chris, Dan, Jessie, Justin, Meaghan and Kevin all came over bringing MORE food and we hung out. It was pretty great. After that we went to my first ever professional soccer game -8,000 won a ticket (c.$8.00)! It was great, although it rained a bit and there was no score, it was still a fun time to be there with everyone and watch the game (and have fun). Then we headed back to my place (Dan and Ash had to go home) and had a bit 'o cheesecake, though by this point I was pretty tired and full of (bean)burgers.

Yesterday Jessie and Justin came by to extend the birthday fun and Jessie and I went to the spa... essentially a room of hot-tubs, showers, shower/vanity stations (where you sit on a little seat with a shower and basin) and LOTS of naked Korean women. It was a fun time, though a bit crowded. From there we came back and watched a movie: 10,000BC. It was interesting and, in my opinion, pretty good.


So... now I'm sleepy and ready for a nap. Which I think I'm going to do right now.


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