Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pointless blogging?

How many of you read blogs regularly? Do you read a certain type of blog, like a religious blog? blogs about the environment? World issues? Your friend's blogs? Are you frequent commenters, or do you only comment occasionally (or not at all)? Do you write a blog? If so, how often? Do people usually read your blog (as far as you know)? If so, do you know how many? Do they post comments? I'm just curious about this blog thing. I either write to share things I think are interesting, or to keep friends updated on what's up with me. I read blogs I find interesting, and comment on between 75 and 50% of the posts I read. I like hearing how people are doing and I like commenting so they know I'm interested in what they have to say (as well as to share an opinion). Since I write mostly for other people (I have a journal for my personal writing) I like to get feedback. However, I don't want people to feel like they have to leave comments if they have nothing to say, so I thought I'd just see who is out there reading (if there's anyone), to decide whether I should bother blogging here. I mean, if the only people who read my blog are the people I should just email anyway, then it's superfluous. Right? Right.


  1. Hey Becky... I read a lot of blogs. Too many for my own good, stretching across multiple genres, but most of them fall under the categories of religion, friends and technology. I don't comment much these days due to school loads, but friends usually get the most.

    As for motivation for blogging, I find that blogging based on the comments you get is a surefire recipe for disgruntlement. I've been at it for 2.5 years, and I still don't get very many, and they're still mostly from friends who might feel bad for me or something.

    Some stats: in the last month I made 13 posts and had 1005 visitors (who produced a total of 1592 pageviews). Over the life of my blog I've made 288 posts and received 1024 comments for an average of 3.56 comments per post. My best writing has usually gone unnoticed (or at least uncommented upon), while throwaway, random brain farts stir up the greatest controversy. There's really no rhyme or reason that I'm aware of other than continuing to blog and comment on other's people's stuff in the hopes that they'll find your stuff interesting and thought-provoking... or to just say screw it and stick to journaling. I know that very few of the friends who had blogs when I started are still doing it...

    Anyhow, too much info no doubt, but there it is lass...

  2. Yeah. I was excited about a way to interact with friends on the other side of the time zone, as well as keep people who want to know up to date. Oh well, I guess emailing will have to do the trick. Hopefully now that I don't blog I'll actually get those emails out there!

    PS> I'm still going to read your blogs, I like them. I think those best writings you talked about, the ones that go unnoticed, those are the ones I don't comment on because they're usually way over my head... :)

  3. Personally, I like to think I read lots of blogs (there are many blogs that I am interested in), but really I just stick to friend's blogs, but even those are seldom read. My excuse is that i am simply unorganized.. but anyways, i share similar reasons for blogging. I know at least my mom follows my blog (wow, that sounds sad..) but surely (hopefully) a few others must also, and it is a good tool to help keep people updated with your life.
    I love comments, and those little bits of proof that let me know that people are reading the blog, but I agree with Matt in that blogging based on the comments you get, will probably lead to feeling of disappointment.
    If you ask me, I'd prefer an email over a blog post any day. Or how bout a good ol'fashion letter? Those are the BEST to receive!

  4. Ohh a letter would be fun! I read....to find out what my big sis is up too over on the other side of the world...and the great adventures i could experience when i come visit!!
    Talking about letters - i still need your address to send the letter from the tax department to you!!

  5. hey becky,

    i think it's pretty normal to go through this type of blog angst.

    i also read a lot of blogs. my comments are sparse unless i have something to add. even with entries that friends have written, a lot of the time the only thing i might say is that 'i like this post' or something equally inane, so i don't.

    my stats are all over the place, but i really like knowing that my friends are reading, since i know there's no way i'd actually be emailing everyone with updates.

    keep writing... unless you don't want to. emailing and journaling is good, but blogging is a slightly different type of communication and sharing.

    in either case, you're being thought of with love*

    ps. i've really like reading your blog!

  6. please keep posting!
    i love hearing about your adventures and experiences and random mental wanderings.
    i rarely comment, but i am subscribed to your feed so i always check out your new posts.
    (i am only subscribed to 7 feeds or so, and only 5 of those are people i know)
    blogs do have an advantage over email. they are more a form of self-expression than a personal email is. they have the freedom to be less letter-like. blog posts can be long, or a very brief thought. i find emails are more of a committment, like, ok, i have to sit down and compose a letter. it's more pressure, and i think more restricting.