Tuesday, May 20, 2008


... I've been busy. There have been a few long weekends in a row this month and Chris and I have taken advantage of them by traveling around Korea in various ways.

We took a ferry to Geoje Island and met up with JJ and the Repps. It was an amazing island! We stayed in a minbeok near the beach and took a lot of pictures. It was windy and cold the first evening, but the next morning was beautiful! JJ rented a car and we toured around a bit. Chris and I want to go again, possibly this coming weekend. Anyway, the island is beautiful and I'm excited to go again when I can SWIM! Woo hoo!

This past Saturday I went on a hike, just me and my sketch pad. I found a beautiful spot and, instead of sketching, I wrote. Later, I will post what it is I wrote, but for now, just imagine Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings (in spring, though without flowers) and you've got the picture.

Sunday I wanted to hike again, but also wanted to get to hang out with Dan and Ash since they're leaving soon. So, we decided to do both and hike to their house for dinner. We left before lunch, at about 11ish, and with a half-hour break to play chess in a tower ruin overlooking the city far below, we managed to get to dinner a little after 5. It was exhilerating, scary (at some points), and exhausting, but worth it the whole time.

Next adventures: hopping on Chris' motorcycle and taking a weekend in Geoje with (possibly) JJ and our swimsuits, and climbing the big hills on Chris' island! Woo hoo!

PS> Yes, that is Chris on the edge of the cliff in that picture.


  1. Awesome pic on the cliff...

    Hey send me your contact info (and any other personal info you want to share) so I can add you to my address book instead of having to reply here.


  2. oh how i love long weekends.. or, maybe it's the loss of the work day that i like more. I guess they are the same... anyways, let's start spending each weekend doing something like this! Traveling to cool places that is..