Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Town moves against Islamic school"

This article just in from the BBC news makes me sick. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like reading criticism against the opinions of others, don't read this blog, because I'm pissed at what's happening in a little town called Camden. You can find the full article here, but I'm going to summarise it because I'm fuming.

"Don't let them take Camden."

"[the school] will change the character of the town."

"They're taking us over"

"Why hasn't anyone got any guts? They've got terrorists amongst 'em... They want to be here so they can go and hide in all the farm houses... This town has every nationality... but Muslims do not fit in this town."

On the outskirts of this small town the Quranic Society has proposed building an Islamic school for Muslim children. The people are against it, and their reasons are the basis for my anger. Although some reasons are planning based (most of the children do not come from Camden, but will be bussed from Sydney), most are racial. Here's what the townspeople have to say:

Now, I'm not saying the school has to be there, that isn't my point. I realise it will be a pain to have out-of-town children bussed in and out. So what? Those kids don't want to be on a bus for two hours daily either! I don't know about the planning aspect of this situation. What has me angry is the attitudes of the people who, instead of seeing children, see "other". It has become a "them" and "us" issue. These attitudes make me angry, these attitudes lead to hate and injustice, and these attitudes make me lose faith in my fellow humans. I feel helpless to stop injustice.

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  1. That's just gross.
    How are people NOT seeing this as racism (etc.)??