Thursday, July 5, 2007


Welcome to my Blog:

I am Becky, if you do not know me, by all means, read on anyway...

I'm not sure why I started this, since I'm terrible at blogging. But I so enjoy Shelley's that I decided I might have something to say, whether people read it or not.

First, I will write about going to Korea!

We have takeoff in two weeks. Yes. That is exciting. And scary. What the HELL do I think I'm doing? Going off somewhere for a year where I have never been, don't speak the language, or know the culture or history??!! Whew. Now that's scary. There are positive points though, like the fact that I'll get to preview my appartment before I accept the job. I'll get to interview the employers instead of them interviewing ME! I'll also get to get in shape, hike, meet new people (both exciting and scary) and travel a bit. Those things are worth being pleased about.


  1. i've never inspired anyone before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. honestly, shelley ... NEVER ???
    yesterday i was sitting in my car listening to "new day" and all i could think about was how passionate you are and how much i love you.

    i would call that inspiration.