Sunday, July 22, 2007

Korea oh Korea

I'm in Korea right now! Chris and I flew in to Seoul on Thursday and were driven (along with a few coworkers) to Chochiwon, which is where we're working at an English camp. It kind of reminds me of summer school (with homework and everything) just with games incorporated into the evenings before study! It's called "How Fun English Camp" and classes officially start tomorrow. I am teaching the Beginner Level One children, which means I am teaching nine mostly-boys who speak virtually no English. I met them today and most could not a single English word! I have two TAs working with me, who are fantastic, but even so I think it is going to be a very stressful first day tomorrow (not to mention the rest of the month), especially since the TAs have NO free time. They are living with the children and have to be with them from 7:00 when they (children and TAs) get up, dressed and do exercises, until 10:30, when the children are in bed and the TAs have their 10:30-11:00pm meetings. The poor TAs! They were chugging energy drinks today and the children just got here this afternoon! I'm living in a dorm room twice the size (or more) of my SSU shared dorms with Merissa Wallace, who is 28 and from Guelph. We (thus far) have gotten along really well and I don't think that's going to change even as the month progresses. Chris is sharing a room with a guy named Mike, who is a teacher in Toronto (GTA somewhere) and who is 25. Also a pretty nice guy, although I don't really know him as well as I've gotten to know Merissa (which makes sense, since she and I share a room and Mike and I do not). There are two other white people here (sorry if that term offends people but it's the easiest way to differentiate between ethnicities here) and their names are Jen and Mel; both of whom are teachers living in Thailand and who are a bit older. They sometimes seem to have a little difficulty with the differences between how they taught in a classroom in Thailand and the more "camp" atmosphere here, but they're really nice and I think they'll settle in pretty well too. Thus far things seem to be going well and despite the painful, nervous jitters in my stomach, I'm looking forward to first classes tomorrow!


  1. I miss you so much G!!! I'm so lonely. I wish I had tackled you and not let you get on the plane. I hope you're doing well. you'll do wonderful my dear. i love you so much becky! stay safe!

  2. hooray for updates! I hope you are having some fun and the kids are nice to you. can't wait to hear how the rest of camp goes!