Thursday, July 5, 2007

Truely, there are shitty sides in life. Not just moments or days or weeks, but sometimes there are entire sides of life that can make you feel like you're being ripped off. However, such is LIFE, and although I am a true whiner to those who know best, I have been trying to focus on the really wonderful things I get to, and have gotten to, experience. Thus, I wish to share them.
NOTE: These are NOT in order of importance to me... they are simply the order in which they come to my sleep-deprived mind.

my friends:Although I am very far away from my closest of friends, they still have the power to impact me like few others. Today I was talking to Brie and she told me she likes my poetry. Not just likes it, but that some of it makes her feel. That is all I want for my poetry. She and I talked about nothing things as well as things that are so very important to me. Things that make ME feel. I love her so much.
I got to hang out with Chris for the first time in three weeks last weekend and it was such a relief. Snorkeling and sailing. Naruto and 300. Hanging out. He is a support and friend in ways I can't even describe. I am so proud of his accomplishments and dreams, and I am inspired to have more of my own. Truely, Korea will be a challenge and adventure with him. I cannot describe my anticipation.
Lately I've also spoken to other friends, some in longer conversations and some just briefly, and those people have brightened my world. I am encouraged when Shelley sends me a short message saying she misses me, or when Jac listens to my flashes of loneliness and frustration. When my Zo wants to go out for drinks and chat, or when I get a message from Brad telling me that he likes my pictures because they make him want to have adventures. I feel brighter for having seen a picture of Walter online and it strikes me that he is such a wonderful person. All of these people are so important to me, even if I am rarely in touch, each is unique and I love them.
I will leave this blog here... with Friends. Yes, I will write more another time, perhaps on my Family, but it's nearly 2:00 AM and time to sleep.

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  1. yea! hooray!! i'm so happy you have a blog so I can keep all tabs on you whilst you are far away. It seems like you are really going through something lately--hard and lonely but producing something incredibly beautiful...

    just like you are.