Sunday, October 7, 2007


I miss my friends from home. Today I invited a bunch of people over to my place for apple pancakes and only one person showed up. I made a stack of pancakes too. I guess when you work later hours you just don't want to visit with people for breakfast on a Monday morning. I just thought it would be a nice start to the week, and instead it was a disapointing one. I was checking out Matt Wiebe's blog and saw some pictures of his apartment from back when he and Jac first fixed it up and set it up and it made me lonesome for Wiebe's Weekend Movies and snacks. There was also a picture of Todd Hall and it made me nostalgic for Sam, Brie, Amber and Jas. I was listening to some crazy music Allieren gave me and it made me sad that I no longer live just across the hall from her at Park. Such sad and lonely days some times.


C'est la vie où j'ai choisie.

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  1. So, wanna come over for a movie and snachos on saturday? things are very boring here without you...