Sunday, October 7, 2007

money money money

Money. The hated word.
Budget. Even worse.

I've had times where I lived in fun and exciting places and didn't have a budget. I didn't have to. I never spent money. I worked insane hours, went out infrequently, and had the time of my life. I loved those times. I remember how great they were and, although I know I spent a lot of time doing nothing but working, being with people, and saving for school.
Somehow Korea is different.
I work shorter hours and I have people here to do things with.
I think that's the clincher as to why I seem to be UNABLE to save the way I want to. I didn't have anyone to DO stuff with before; and now I have much more free time too. My money is leaking through my fingers and I can't seem to make it stop.

SO. Ash is going to help me draw up a budget and I'm going to stick to it. I've never had a problem saving before because I'm perfectly happy not DOING stuff, but just getting by and not spending a cent. HOWEVER, when am I going to be in Korea again? I'm here for a YEAR. It's my HOME for now. I can't just pass time sitting in my apartment and either chatting online or painting. It's a waste because I can do thise things anywhere in the world!

So, Chris and I went to a movie at the Pusan International Film Festival! It was AWESOME! There were people everywhere and the movie was great! We're definitely going to have to go to the one in Toronto when we go back to Canada. And that's not all! We're going hiking next weekend with a bunch of people (including Ash and Dan), staying in a village, and checking out a traditional mask market! That's going to be fun!

However, I've been working at my job for a month, which means I get paid soon and also means I will get my first month's bills soon. Then... budget time.

Back to money. And budgeting. And both of them sucking. Because they do.
I mean, why can't we live naturally? Trade? Barter goods? Live free and peacefully with one another? Honestly! Who needs money? I vote we burn it all!

Too bad I don't have any to burn...

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  1. i am totally getting the "money slipping through my fingers" feeling these days and ... its brutal!! i've been going to canada way too often ... ahh! i just can't stay away. shite.