Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Hahoe weekend pt. 3

OK, so continuing with the weekend story...
...We arrive at Andong and it instantly looks fantastic. There are totem-like poles around with faces carved into them and amazing masks all over the place. Chris and I find a place we can stay once we make sure we can catch a bus back in time for both of us to get to our respective apartments to get ready for work the next day (Monday) in Busan. it's only 15 000 wan each to stay the night (rough equilivant $15)! Then we wandered, saw some amazing sights, checked out masks, and eventually entered a theatre area to sit and watch the mask performance. It's a completely circular room with a roof covering the spectators, but with the rof above the dirt floor in the center open to light the actors. A small group of us sat directly in the front and "center" (ie: opposite the door). There was obviously a script, however, just as obvious was the allowance for improve around that script. Which meant the actors addressed the audience a fair amount and even spoke to a few people individually (click
here and go to "Hahoe Maskdance" for more information about the festival and the importance of the dance in Hahoe). At one point the "Fool" pulls some poor Korean girl from the crowd and makes her come and get Chris and I! She pulls us out to the middle of the floor and interprets for the actor, who says we have to dance with him! So the "band" of musical drums and cymbals which have been playing quietly in the background get louder and we all dance in the middle of the floor with everyone watching! It was hilarious! I'm pretty sure some people got pictures of us, and when I find out who I'm gonna post them on my own facebook and add alink here, it was so much fun!

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