Friday, October 19, 2007

my hahoe weekend pt. 2

So then we all jumped onto the bus again and after what felt like an eternity ended up at Mt. Sokri, where we were supposed to go hiking. I suppose maybe hiking is different for Koreans than others, because we walked around on a pathway before ending up at an old mountain monastary area and checked it out. There was absolutely no strain involved. In fact, it was barely walking; it was a stroll. The area was beautiful though, and Chris took pictures so hopefully they'll be up soon so you can all check them out! There was a giant Buddha which was in the "please give me money for the poor pose" which was completely gold plated. Click here. Anyway, once we finished looking that sucker over (ie: appreciating the cultural heritage of the Koreans) we headed for the bus again, and hours later (so it felt) up and down twisty roads, we made it to our destination that night: a giant Korean hostel. We set up and pretty much owned the area except one room. The floors were heated and there were sleeping mats in the cupboard so we all slept on the floor Korean-style (PS> in case you didn't know, Koreans sleep on sleeping mats on the floor). We ate a dinner of burgers (or fried tofu and egg on a bun), chips and beer (or soju) and froze. It was cold out! I headed for bed early due to exhaustion and a chill, and happened to be sleeping next to a low desk with a computer on it. Chris came up for a minute and we checked out the area we'd be visiting the next day, only to find out that the mask festival which we'd thought to be over was still on and we could stay the night. And then I went to bed. I love heated floors and reccommend that everyone forgo beds and just sleep on mats on a heated floor. No need for other methods of heating. It's awesome! So the next morning I got up early and walked around the beautiful area, taking mental pictures and hoping Chris would see some of the same stuff and take more reliable pictures before breakfast (fried scramble eggs, bacon and fried potato slices).
From there we headed to Andong village!
PS> all these bus excursions have fantastic scenery, but after the trip in Europe, I seem to have no resistance to sleep when on a bus so I missed most of it.

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