Monday, October 22, 2007

my Hahoe weekend final installation

So... after the maskdance everyone else left and Chris and I walked around and bought some masks. He took a bunch of pictures and I made more mental memories of the rustic and ancient town we were in. It was beautiful. We ate some dinner, during which a few people recognised us from the dance and chatted for a bit and at the end were given some rice wine free, most likely because we had become local celebrities for actually dancing carefree in front of everyone instead of acting shy and being boring. So we toasted Korea and Canada with the waitresses (who were eating in another room which we could see where we were sitting) and left full and chilly (it had gotten cold when the sun went down). There wasn't much to see besides stars once everyone turned out the lights, so we headed for bed (again, heated floors and sleeping mats!). At 5:30 the next morning we got up and after one more photo op headed for our bus to Andong, and from there we headed home to Busan and our respective jobs. Whew. What a weekend. I'd do the village again in a heartbeat, no question.

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