Friday, October 19, 2007

My Hahoe Village weekend

Man oh man. I just had an amazing weekend. Let me start at the begining. Obviously. OK, so Chris and I were recruited by our respective jobs by Kim n Joe recruiting, which is based here in Busan. Anyway, every year they organize a big trip, sometimes to different places, and this year it was to go hiking, enjoy a short boat trip, and visit Andong, the "mask" village. It cost $100.00 and included an overnight stay, food, unlimited drinks, and all of the above (including bussing to each place). So early in the morning we headed to PNU (rushing late so we taxied) and got there with time to spare since one of the people was about 45 minutes late and we waited for him. We bussed until lunch, when we took a small boat tour around a pretty area. Half-way through the tour I looked back into the boat and a bunch of people (Korean and foreign) were dancing around with one another in the inside of the boat! Later, when I looked again, they were doing karaoke! It was pretty funny. Check Chris' facebook account for some awesome pictures once he puts them up. Anyway, after the boat tour we all stopped off for some lunch, which was bibimbap, a bowl with veggies on top of a pile of rice. Click here for a photo pf Bibimbap. There are different varieties, and I've never had one I didn't like. It was all hot and just waiting for us. Lovely.

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